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"Our main goal is to give our guest a warm, welcoming atmosphere cultivated by highly trained professionals with the express purpose of taking care of all your haircare needs while using natural and earth friendly products."

Come meet us!

Jenny Villicana


Whats your favorite color? 

Lately I'm loving shades of Amethyst... for hair, nails, even sports cars!

What made you choose to become a hairstylist?

It all started with my "Barbie Beauty Center Styling Head" and a pair of scissors!!

What inspires you?

Everything!! ...colors of nature, music, fashion, achievement... You name it and I'll find something cool to take away from it!

Name 5 things that you cannot live without.

My Family, friends, my dogs, Country Doughnuts and then of course Spanx 

Who is your favorite celebrity?

Marge Simpson... best hair on television!

What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

Hazelnut Americano

NO Cream! 

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